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  • Sholay Dialogue
    10 Best Bollywood Dialogues Poster
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    If you are familiar to Bollywood cinema, the rest should be self-explanatory. Checkout some of the best Bollywood cinema dialogue visualized. 1. Sholay – Basanti in kutto ke samne mat nachna 2. Sholay – Kitne aadmi the 3. Singham – Aata majhi satakli 4. Deewar – Aaj mere paas paisa hai, bangla hai, gaadi hai, naukar hai, […]

  • Dil Chahta Hai poster
    19 Minimalist Bollywood Movie Poster You Must See
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    They say picture speaks a thousand word. A perfect picture say even more. We are a big fan of Minimalist design. If a picture convey message with minimum design possible that called art. Check out 19 best minimalist bollywood movie poster that makes a great movie poster. 1. Dil Chahta Hai 2. Rang De Basanti […]