Did I hear someone roasted, WHO?????????

To all those veggies out here (including me), do you like your bhindi fried or roasted? I am recently converted vegan, so my choice is a bit dicey but I would go with fried. For all the non-veggies out there (this one’s for you Chintu and Mota bheem), the roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh seems to be the new favourite. Don’t get confused by my veg and non-veg analogy, judging by the number of likes the video got on YouTube in 4 days (which is almost equal to population of New Zealand, but damn their cricket team is good) roasted chicken of the two actors is now the new McDonald’s, cheap, affordable yet very hip.

Bashing the bashers:

So let’s start with the roasters on the panel, a journalist who thinks “movies that matter” (PS. Refer to his blog) are Tevar and Dolly ki Doli (seriously ISIS does beheads real journalist when he calls himself one, puuuufff), host of a television show where the sum of IQ of all the participants (past, present and future) is even less than my dog’s IQ (and mind his name is Tuffy, yes yes inspired by the high quality intelligent dog in Hum aapke hai kaun), a bunch of bubble heads who calls themselves stand-up comedian actors and more (ummm, I wonder what that more is all about) and one random girl who did not even exist on human globe until few days ago! The roast master being the Kkkkkk… Ekta Kapoor of Bollywood (I heard from people that she is gay) and being literally roasted were the 2 new upcoming young, dashing murga-s of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt (yes, we all know who your sister is dating), entire Kapoor khandaan (the one whose “Rahul baba” is Sonam with her IQ level = 120-120) and also 2 bare and very oily chested men from Gunday (pardon me I am bad with names). Yes the movie which has imdb of 1.9, which in Hollywood movie terms is equal to Shawshank Redmption – Godfather :-/



Ok, let’s talk about the videos and the jokes. The original show, which was supposed to be a 2.5 hour roast, was filmed in a Mumbai stadium with an audience of 4,000. For the poor viewers who do not have 4000 bucks in the salary account and have internet with a speed of 2 MBs per year, it was made in 3 videos clips of 20 minutes each!! Some parts were really witty and hilarious like “We wanted to get Ranbir Kapoor for the show but we could only manage Ranveer, which is also what Deepika did, so I guess it is fine.” The best part was everybody took a hit, from family, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends to present boyfriends of ex-girlfriends 😛 (“Ranveer Singh, how does it feel to be the only sad person in the country every time Virat Kohli scores a century?”). Some jokes on Shakya’s obvious colour were funny and so were comments on Tanmay’s weight. But I will not agree that Arjun Kapoor is least talented actor in kapoor family, he is yet to benchmark his lovely sister. Have you seen Sonam’s “Aisha”? DON’T, EVER! I saw it and instantly I had an urge to reach down to my throat grab my small intestine, pulled it out of the mouth and tied it around my neck and die (v.V.v) Rajeev masand was not funny, he was like the reviews he writes, dude nobody gives a bulls crap, grow up (irony!! ). But I wholeheartedly was amused when Aditi addressed to Deepika and said “you are taking one for the team”. I was literally rolling on the floor laughing 8-D

Imagine being newly married, you love it initially, all the fun, laughter, feeling of constant tickling and butterfly in the stomach. After some time, fun begins to fade, the laughter becomes boredom and butterfly in the stomach starts becomes constipation (no offense to married couple:P). Same happened with the video, eventually puns and jokes got uninteresting and repetitive. Yes yes yes, we all know now that Arjun Kapoor failed 12, he was fat and now he is dating Sonakshi, who is eating all his food :-/ He is talentless and he can make as many faces as Kristen Stewart in Twilight movies (which is Poker faceK). Ranveer singh is a man-whore, AIDS patient and his acting skills are inversely proportional to the money his girlfriend’s movies make in a year (that’s like 1/600 crores) $$$ The joke on Rohan Joshi being a brat were originated even before he was born a small village very south coast of Mumbai called Thane!

AIB Knockout

AIB Knockout

On a serious Note:

Actor Salman Khan is rumoured to be upset over jibes at his sister Arpita, and many tweets slamming the roast have been put out by his fanclubs with the trend ‘AIB National Shame.’ Member of the Censor Board, Mr. Ashoke Pandit clearly has nothing but distaste for ‘All India Bakchod’ and ‘AIB Knockout’.  An FIR was lodged against Karan Johar, actor Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh by Akhilesh Tiwari, president of Brahman Ekta Seva Sanstha in Mumbai, filed at Sakinaka police station.

In support of AIB, TVF (the viral fever) has made a video “TVF Reacts to AIB Knockout – #NoCountryForFunnyMen”.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX2Kp7Lip2Q]

Every man is free man and it’s a democratic country and it’s a personal choice to paint the wall however he wants to. Even a negative publicity is a publicity is Bollywood, and this seems to be true in the case of AIB. Although they have officially taken down the video, the copies of that are still available on YouTube and more people are still watching it with time. Yes it is true that as a creative person as an entertainer you have no boundaries, yet the Indian society stills demands to draw a line somewhere. The major question which lies here, is the Indian audience and the spectators prepared to digest a content like that? Agreed, our actors and actresses are flamboyant enough to take crap on their personal life like that but in a country where even holding hands in public is frowned upon, are common people ready yet?

My personal view, it’s time that we grow up, and start acting our own age. I am 23 and still haven’t figured out what acting my own age means, but for me it is watching the video, laughing once, talking and criticizing it to colleagues AND NOT creating a chaos out of it on “moral”, “ethical” or “cultural” grounds, you know just like a MANGO MAN!! Life is a bitch peeps and you will get your ass fu**** in every phase. At last I am happy for the fact that AIB gave 40 lacks they earner to Charity and thus all their sins are forgiven in my books 🙂




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