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Folks, let me warn you of this, there is romance, songs, love, jealously, pricy sets, Manish Malhotra’s expensive clothes, people dancing around trees with pleasant music and a lot more in Yashraj movies and Titli is JUST NOT IN THAT LEAGUE!! I am biased towards watching movies which awards, even as meaningless as IIFA (:P) but I do enjoy a taste of watching different cinematic experience and most certainly TITLE movie guaranteed all this to me! I actually went to watch the movie because of the excellent trailer while I was watching Pyaar ka Punchnama 2, another hilariously time pass movie ever!

titli-posterSo, there is the dark side of Delhi NCR where everything is shit-hole, everything is dark, noxious, black money, violence and politics. And this is where Kunal behl’s movie hits you! Because it is about a world that co-exists right in our midst, a world so lowly that we ignore but never forget while driving back home in the still of the night. Even if you live in city like Mumbai, where you are over protected by the citylights and sensible people, title could be about any city, because what happens in the underbelly of the metro cities, no one can imagine.

The movie is about a family which no one has seen before or heard of. A perfect family which eats together, stays together and ALSO KILLS together! Yes, looting, stealing and killing is a part of the family tradition which is a kind of bread and butter. Titli (Shashank Arora) is the youngest in a family of poor car-jackers who live in the outskirts of Delhi. Titli’s elder brothers, Vikram (Ranvir Shorey) and Bawla (Amit Sial) are emotionally traumatized, drifting from one day to the other, without any concrete plan for their future. It’s this oppressed section of the society which is untouchable for the growing ‘corporate’ India. The brothers, and their father (Lalit Behl), make ends meet with whatever they earn from petty road robberies (they call it ‘gasht’). They need a female presence in order to increase their “innocent con” which they call their atrocious acts as. Here comes in picture Neelu (Shivani Raghuvanshi) a girl acting under her own compulsions. Amidst all these, there are things and situations like Vikram’s divorce with his wife, Neelu’s affair with a married builder, Bawla’s affair with a young guy.

Talking about the acting, the cast is fit into the roles like a jig-saw puzzle, everyone at their right pace and right moment with appropriate amount of energy. Ranveer Shorey has given one of the best performances of his life. Raghuvanshi is a perfect face for Neelu, who channels hurt and bewilderment and stoicism in the face of an overwhelming situation. Lalit Behl successfully portrays creepy father and Amit Sial as middle brother who struggles with his family plus his inside pressure. Amongst all these established actors, the one who steals the show is Shashank Arora, who is the truly life and soul of Title. He breathes titli is all the humanly forms possible and young fellow crushed under his criminal family finding his own identity. Writer Sharat Kataria and Director Kunal Bahl do not for even a second loosen up their grip on the movie. Every frame is real, at times horrifying and every character human, with his own whims and truth, struggling their life at their own pace. The situations and cinematography explores the reality in and around the capital and NCR area.  The language, lifestyle and aspirations of these people living beside a gutter prompt a lot of Dilliwaallaahs to deny their existence despite knowing that it’s actually the ‘civilised’ world which is contributing to pushing them over the edge.

You watch the whole movie with your eye wide open, with horror, wonder, sympathy, anxiety and all the humanly emotions possible except for happiness. There is brutality in this world, which is portrayed equally brutally in the movie, but is real with nothing exaggerated. For people who can’t digest dark movies (just like me), not so great watch, but the ones who like good cinema, great story, screenplay and shit brilliant acting, it is a great watch!



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