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Yes, it has been a very dry spell for me since last two months, hmphhh!! And before you land on to any conclusions, it’s dry spell for movies 😛 But I did manage to end it with a brilliant movie, Martian. Just a warning, for those who haven’t seen it, spoiler alert, but those who have, will definitely agree with me on my views.

The movie starts with a bunch of astronauts who are hit by an intense storm on MARS, the planet! With the lives of her crew at stake, mission commander Melissa Lewis is forced to leave the planet, leaving another astronaut Mark Watney behind because he is presumed to be list and dead in the storm. In reality Watney survived and now stuck at the inhospitable and adverse planet. Being the only living sole on a planet where there is negligible atmosphere, no food, no water, no air to survive, he still decides to battle the tiny odds he has of surviving. Back at the earth, NASA thinks that he is dead and releases a public statement. Reviewing satellite photos of Mars, NASA engineers Vincent Kapoor and Mindy Park realize that Watney has survived, and immediately start planning to establish contact. The movie is all about Watney’s survival and NASA’s struggle to bring home the MARTIAN.

The Martian

The Martian

Matt Damon-starrer The Martian, directed by Ridley Scott — in rare form, is a throwback to those brave days of space exploration, peppered with enough wry wit and thrills to keep you entertained. But essentially, it is a nod to indomitable human will, initiative and the thirst to go where no man has gone before. The lead cast, Commander Lewis (Jessica Chastain), NASA Director Sanders’s (Jeff Daniels), are cast well, but the movie seriously belongs to Matt Damon, who steals your heart away and takes your breathe with him “shit the science out” of living on MARS. His wit and courage as only man on mars are very impressive and he is totally believable as a Biologist and an astronaut. The “how will” question of surviving on Mars is cleverly envisioned by Scott and screenwriter Drew Goddard, who really paid thoughtful attention to basic questions like, “What do you do if the face plate of your helmet cracks?” and “How do you create a food supply on a planet that can’t sustain plant life?” The short answers to those questions are, respectively, “apply duct tape” and “grow potatoes in a makeshift greenhouse fertilized with the solid waste left behind by the rest of the crew.” The dialogs are funny and witty. The high point of the movie is when Watney says “I am the first person to grow life on MARS, fuck you Neil Armstrong!” It is really hard not to chuckle at the reaction 😉

The graphics in the movie are not very Interstellar or Gravity level (as people had expected) but for a space movie, Scott did a really great job portraying space travel and special kudos to the shots of Mars with Damon. The director has given a very bollywoody touch to the movie, because they did manage to beat the impossible odds of finding a man who is 54.6 billion kms away from the planet without any food or air or water supply trapped. It is full of drama, especially just before the interval when a blast occurs in his MARS station ruining all of his grown plants and you are left thinking how the hell is this guy going to survive now. Nevertheless, the movie is engaging as HELL and there are many moments when your breathe stops wondering crap, is he going to make it or NOT!!

All in all, a great space movie to watch, especially for Sci-fi movie fans. And for Matt Damon lovers, it is a MUST watch 🙂



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