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Tamasha, a bizarre but a really fresh stroke of romantic air! With big names like Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Imtiaz Ali along with AR Rehman associated with it, was bound to create buzz. It did, but for most part, after the movie released, what I found was a mixed buzz, which is why I avoided the movie for an entire week. But of course, it is hard to resist an Imtiaz Ali movie after movies like Jab we met, Rockstar and Highway and I am glad to say that this movie didn’t disappoint me either 🙂


So talking about movie, a very unusual concept, a different story and a unique direction! Movie starts off with bizarre scenes of various mythological stories enacted in a form of a play. Then suddenly you are landed in Corsica – picturesque bistros, colourful locals, leafy green countryside, sparkling blue waters. A boy and girl meets in this romantic set up, and set up their adventure journey without even knowing each other’s name. Up until this point of movie, things seem to be going without any meaning. Then they part, without even saying goodbye! And yeas go by, and as we know, the girl doesn’t forget the guy and suddenly on fine day, she meets him. Now we are introduced with the two lead characters Ved and Tara. Then revelation of the fact that Ved is just a ‘normal, average’ man going about his life in the routine prescribed by his immediate society and family; not the “DON” Tara met in France and fell in love with. And here is when the second half of the movie comes, the reason why Ved is just a normal man with a robotic life and here is when Ranbir Kapoor gets the full space. Ved loves being told stories. He discovers he loves telling stories as much, but a demanding father sets Ved upon a path not of his own choosing.

This movie has recurrent lines- why same story of a boy meets a girl and society creates a rift between them, but the movie eventually in its very twisted way has the same baseline. What sets the movie apart is the excellent music which fell in place like a jig-saw puzzle. You feel the music in the characters’ emotions, when music is happy you are happy, when it is sad you are sad. While the song “Agar tum saath ho” was playing with Tara begging Ved not to leave her, I felt 2 tears running down my cheeks 🙂


Cinematography is good and so are script and direction. Emotions in the movie are full ranged, and some scenes are very interesting like the one where Ved tells Tara she need not play the ‘touch-me-not’ woman and assures her ‘kameenapan nahi karunga’ or the one where Ved goes to Piyush Mishra, the storyteller who introduced him to the world of stories as a child, to seek solution to the problems of his life. The movie though belongs to the two lead, which are dazzling and mature with their wide range of sentiments in their acting. Ranbir kapoor yet again proves that he is true family of the great Raj Kapoor. This film gave him that space and he successfully displayed the spectrum of skills he has. But I just couldn’t get my eyes of Deepika in every scene she was present. She is the most luminous thing in the entire Tamasha universe, brighter than even the sun! Her acting, depth of character (even when her screen presence was significantly less than ranbir’s) was more than commendable.

All in all, good movie, mature acting and even greater music! For people who appreciate more realistic and twisted side of cinema, this movie gives that taste of mature and real romance and not just a typical straightforward boy-meets-girl-falls-in-love romance!




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