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It’s just shame and proud together how much power our legal system has over our lives decisions and consequences of our choices. Not being very condescending about it but after watching the movie Talvar I feel helpless and guilty both, towards what goes around in the capital and how a little child got brutally murdered and the soul didn’t even get the justice. After hearing a lot about the movie, I finally decided to watch the movie, but when I came out of the theater I came out shaking and wondering what the hell is wrong with our country.

Ok, talking about the movie, no surprises it is made based on one of the Arushi Talwar-Hemraj double murder case of 2008, for which currently Arushi’s parents are serving a life term. The movie is a made like a documentary given the serious and heinous nature of crime, with all the names changed but the situations and characters remaining the same. You can analyze the whole scenario from many frame of references revolving around the lives of all those who were directly or indirectly involved in the whole case. You get to see various segments from various different narrations of what happened on the child’s bedroom, what were parents doing the whole time, where was the servant. There are many key questions and key observations in the movie which has been very brilliantly shown without any bias. The testimonials look very real and you are gripped very tight to your seats wondering what evidence you will find next which will point to whom. With layers of truth and lies, TV reporters shrieking, “Yahi hai woh ghar!”, hazy narco-tests and back-stabbing office politics, Talvar’s frames are relentless.


Speaking about the acting, A+ class work done by entire cast, even the smallest of the characters and actors impress you. Irrfan absolutely smashes as Central Department of Investigation (CDI) officer Ashwin Kumar, whose sharp intelligence, dark humor and melting tenderness towards his wife Reema ( cameo of Tabu) light up every frame. He displays right amount of wit as required by an officer asked to handle a hot-case against his will but at the same time handling a separation in his life. The conversations between CBI and UP Police are very sharp, “Agli baar koi khoon bhara haath chor jaye, toh dhyan dijiyega…” As bumbling Inspector Dhaniram, whose laziness extends to overlooking a rotting corpse, Gajraj Rao presents a perfect paan-chewing foil, dismissing a blood-stained sheet with, “Tumhari chadar hai, locker mein daal do, hamein kya?” Konkona and Neeraj play the Tandons as a muted pair – whose acting changes subtly as murderers, then victims. Neeraj’s eyes speak while with flashing malevolence, Konkona hisses to her husband, “Chalo, rona shuru karna hai!” The acting’s further enlivened by creepy Kanhaiya (Sumit Gulati), whose slyness adds shades of grey to this hair-raising tale.Vishal Bharadwaj’s screenplay is subtle and cut to the chase without any flashy or creepy lines or scenes. Without surrendering to cheap thrills or over dramatization, he manages to make the scenes gripping, and non-exploitative cinematic examination of a murder. Kudos to Meghna Gulzar to make out a story and movie out of a very complicatedly tangled and webbed murder mystery. All in all a must watch!

Even with the complicated findings and evidences, whichever frame you observe, you just can’t ignore the kind of insensitivity and ignorance with which the CBI and UP Police handled the whole episode. The history of barbarous crimes like Jessica lal murder, Satendra Dubey murder, Nitish katara Murder cases hasn’t yet awakened the human inside any of us and animal inside us is just piling on without any regret. It’s just shame the justice is served blindfolded in our country, and as always one poor human has to serve the burden. Again it’s a high time somebody realizes that our legal system has already been overstretched, let us not wait until it snaps and the whole balance breaks.



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