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After a long time I have had back to back movie marathon choosing to watch the most bizarre movie combination ever, Minions and Bahubali, the 2 movies having absolutely nothing in common 😛 Coming back to the movie, Minions of course, it was no doubt one of the most awaited animation movie ever of 2015 and of course why not, Minions are the most cutest stupidest and most adorable imaginary creature movie of all time 🙂 From just being supporting characters in Despicable me movie, to having their own stand alone movie, minions have come so long and with their popularity continuing to grow.

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So the film takes us back to the dawn of time, when the Minions developed from tiny, single-celled organisms into diminutive, banana-loving, nonsense-spouting henchmen whose only goal is to serve the most despicable master they can find. We witness them evolve through the ages, the Minions locating and serving villains during the Jurassic era, the Stone Age, in Ancient Egypt and through the Dark Ages. But finding a boss is easy, it’s keeping said boss that’s hard, so-much-so that when a series of baddies die in unfortunate circumstances, they retreat to Antarctica to experiment with a master-free existence. But without a scoundrel to serve, the Minions become aimless and depressed, inspiring one of their number – Kevin (tall, bossy) – to come up with a plan. He’ll set sail for lands anew with fellow Minions Stuart (attention-seeking, one eye) and Bob (eager, optimistic, dumb), in search of the biggest,
baddest villain on the planet.

That’s the set-up for the movie, and probably the film’s strongest section. Because the Minions work best when left to their own devices, with no human as funny or downright strange as these lovable oddballs. The 3 minions, Kevin, Bob and Stewart, navigate from place to place, finally ending up in New York from where they to Orlando in villain convention to follow world’s first female super-villain – Scarlett Overkill.

When it comes to defining characteristics, Overkill could have used more of her surname. Despite a great entrance that highlights Bullock’s best line reading in the film, she’s an incredibly bland villain. Her reputation precedes her—she’s touted as the ne plus ultra of villainy—but all she seems to do is yell. Since the minions’ main purpose in life is to serve the world’s most evil masters, Scarlett is their Mount Everest. She’s looking for new minions to help her steal the crown jewels and become Queen of England, so Kevin and his crew eagerly sign up for the audition.

The jokes come thick and fast, with enough slapstick and silliness to satisfy young ones, and more mature jokes at the expense of The Beatles, Richard Nixon, and the moon landings to makes their parents laugh. But it lacks a compelling plot and the heart that made the Despicable Me movies so resonate with audiences, and with the film eventually turning into a Scarlett Overkill vehicle rather than concentrating on the title characters,
the whole endeavor feels like it lacks the courage of its convictions.

You don’t have to be a minion fan to watch the movie, but if you love the movie then you truly are a Minion fan 🙂



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