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It has been long since I watched Action movie and yesterday I watched “Dil Dhadakne Do” which is total family drama, but a really good movie nevertheless. Anyways coming back to Action movies, it has been long since we have seen Tom Hardy in a movie and it has been forever since I saw Charliez Theron anywhere! It is typical for Tom Hardy to do an Action Adventure movie but Charliez Theron appears in a new avatar ever.

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The movie is set in the near future. There are no cities or civilizations left. The landscape is dying of thirst; water—known as Aqua Cola—is severely rationed; and other resources, notably gasoline, are hoarded and tussled over like scraps of food. Max is a survivor, like everyone else, and, as we join the stream of action, he is captured and hauled into servitude at the Citadel. Girded with towers of rock, this is the desert stronghold of Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne), a monstrous figure who lords it over a swarm of ragged wretches. His toadlike skin is caged in a transparent breastplate, and he breathes through a mask that’s armed with yellowing horses’ teeth and fed by bellows that wheeze up and down on the back of his neck. Furiosa (Theron) is a driver, employed by Joe’s henchmen to transport precious fuel, who suddenly goes rogue, steering the War Rig, her vast and snarling truck, off course. A posse is dispatched to hunt her down. We soon discover her concealed cargo—the Wives, five young women who were imprisoned by Immortan Joe and doomed to bear his children. Our first glimpse of them bodes ill: limber beauties, draped in muslin underwear and hosing themselves down in the middle of nowhere.

The movie is all about a cat and mouse chase, between Immortal Joe and running with his wives is Furiosa in hope believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland. The whole movie is about the chase, I hardly found any story to back it up. The cinematography puts you in front and centre, almost feeling every crazy twist and turn in a chase as characters scramble and fight over, under, above and in front of flat-out weirdly pimped out vehicles. Some scenes are just flat-out bizarre. However, the attention to detail is fantastic. Some scenes are brilliantly directed, you at times feel the chase for life yourself and (spoiler alert) when they find out that they have no green land, you feel inside that there is no hope for survival. Some moments will take your breathes away, and the feeling of not knowing might kill you. Tom Hardy and Charliez Theron are brilliant as fighters and survivors, we have already seen the capability of Hardy to perform such Action packed characters but Theron impresses the most as Furiosa. She is relentless, feisty and she superbly embodies Furiosa with her stoicism, nerve and resolve. I was shocked to see Nicholas Hoult in a completely transformed role as a war boy, initially dead resolved to impress his master but later committed to fight his regime.

I really appreciated the movie for the action sequences and fiery mood, what I did not like was lack of a story line or script. But I guess you do not expect much of script from Action, adventure movies so all in all a good movie to watch 🙂



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