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You will not believe what I was doing on Valentine’s day, nothing :’( I got frustrated and then booked tickets for Fitoor for late night. It turned out to be not a bad movie but I did come out of the movie with a very intense feeling.

The storyline has been adapted by the novel Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens and the director Abhishek Kapoor does acknowledge this in the initial credits. Taking about Great Expectations, it is the only novel which was completed by Dickens. It is a story of Pip the orphan set along with Miss Havisham and her daughter Estella. Although the story of Fitoor has its own flaws but the adaptation set in Kashmir is decent. The beauty of Kashmir has been captured in screens and cinematography.


So, once upon a time there was a boy, here called Noor, who lived in this innocent place called Srinagar where fierce militants with wounds (Ajay Devgn) accosted children like him in the middle of the night and demanded help. The other gets started when Noor and his brother-in-law get called to repair her mansion by Begum. There Noor meets Firdaus, who comes riding in on a horse, across snow and Noor is besotted. Begum notices, and by turns encourages and snubs Noor in his growing fascination for Firdaus. It’s when the sister dies, in a blast, Firdaus goes away. Everybody grows up and Noor lands in Delhi, financed by a mysterious benefactor. He gets an instant success, and a by now flirty Firdaus (Katrina Kaif), with ‘a degree from London School of Design’. However, even as our Noor is following her around with a one-note expression – she reciprocates in kind — he is becoming a big artist who can’t care less for Kashmir. There is more where that came from, directed at the Pakistani minister Firdaus is meant to marry, but he at least ignores it with the backward-look contempt it deserves.

So far, Abhishek Kapoor, who gave us a quite remarkable and solidly middle-class Kai Po Che, appears to know what he is doing. The boy cast as Noor speaks with an unmistakable Kashmiri accent and the girl who plays young Firdus is beautiful and arrogant. Aditya Roy Kapoor is passionate as lover and looks at his ladylove with such intensity, is nervous around her in a cute way and acts much like a teenager around his love. Aditya and Tabu are undoubtedly the best in Fitoor. While you are likely to fall in love with Noor, pity and hate is what Tabu’s Begum Hazrat evokes. Tabu plays the eccentric and conniving Begum, who was wronged in love and has taken upon herself to ensure the menfolk experience the exact heartbreak and pain she did. Tabu brings in dramatic energy and a sense of gravitas to Fitoor. The romantic scenes are intense remain till the time the focus is on Aditya but you lose interest the moment the camera shifts to Katrina. Katrina’s one-dimensional acting fails to bring across the passion even in the most intimate of scenes. The music of the movie is touching; it reverberates with the whole Kashmir theme. Amit Trivedi has yet again proved that he is truly one of the most diverse music composers in Bollywood. All the songs specially Pashmina and Ye fitoor match the intensity of the scenes and the passion of the love Noor has.

Such intense movie might not be favourable for couples on Valentine’s month but you surely feel the intensity and heaviness that comes along with powerful love that is shown in Fitoor; atleast I did a lot!



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