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Okk, you might be comic or non-comic person, DC or Marvel fan, prefer superhero or not, but you have to, very necessarily see this movie if you generally like non-fiction movie! For the regular reader this must be a wonder that I usually say the verdict of a movie in the end, but DEADPOOL is something which should not be missed! So after reading these lines you must rush to the nearest theatres! Anyways if you have already seen the movie, you know what I am walking about :D:D


So let me just give you a brief summary/history of Deadpool because if you are still reading this review without watching the movie then you do need a medical treatment! Not going off the topic, story yes! So there’s this low-life mercenary named Wade Wilson right, and he gets diagnosed with cancer, which is a bummer for him and his pretty awesome star war quoting (yes nerds, she quotes STAR WARS:P) girlfriend and cancer is in final stages (No points for guessing that, Bollywood taught us good:P). But then, out of the shadows steps a shadowy creep of a character who promises Wade a way out. He takes Wade to a doctor Jason Statham who performs evil experiments on him and literally forces Wade into becoming a mutant, melting his body and face in the process. And yes, Wade is pissed and now is born the stubborn, gleeful and if you piss him he-will-blow-shit-outofyourbrain DEADPOOL. Man-o-man, I haven’t yet seen so cool, witty and mind bogglingly funny anti-hero than DEADPOOL.

Forget everything, this movie has some most side-splitting rolling on floor laughing dialogues and humour. The writer has not shown mercy to even his own production house Marvel, he even takes case of Marvel 😛 From Taken to Star wars to Pretty Women to The Matrix, DEADPOOL leaves no one literally! The opening credits of the movie will leave you with stomach ache because you will be laughing like a moron while reading them! The action is generously gore and every other second you see brain or other yukky stuff coming out of someone, which is followed by some insanely witty dialogue by deadpool like this!

Deadpool ouchie



Before this I did see few movies of Ryan Renolds and I found him sexy, but now he is o-my-god-iamdying hawwwtt! Rest of the cast doesn’t matter, you just want to look through them; except for the cabdriver (for those who have seen they know 😉 others, please go to doctor soon!!) Like the character in the movie, the movie itself was an experiment to inject new life into the superhero genre and save it from a slow but certain death. Wipe away all your memories of the character that made his debut on the big screen in the cringe-worthy X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the new Deadpool is bloody (and) hilarious. Although the movie can be gift-wrapped as a superhero movie, with a ribbon of a love story on top, it will be wiser to discuss the package inside in terms of action and humor on the sheer account of the outrageous nature of both.

If you are a true Marvel fan then you must stick to the movie post end credits!

This is POOL, DEAD!



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