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Bajirao Mastani Dilwale

OHKKK, I am not a movie critique and absolutely not among the ones who spend their time giving stars to movies and analysing shit out of every frame of movies! I am the audience who spends 400 bucks (yes freaking 400 bucks per movie, sob sob :() and goes to watch the any movie made on earth! I am also the kind who goes to Goa in a 4 star resort and spend her entire day doing STAR WARS marathon 😛 Anyways not going off the topic, lets discuss about the two most  talked about movies in the last one month, Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale!

Pre movie : Ok, so prior to the release, enough was said about both the movies, right from the cast to the production. Everything about both the movies was grand, one directed by the name associated with grandeur Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the other one by the name famous for producing desi Fast and Furious Rohit Shetty (I am sure Newton would turn in his grave if he watched any of Shetty’s movies :P) One had the REEL LIFE couple famous for epitome of romance SRK and Kajol, the other one with most talked about B-town REAL LIFE couple Deepika- Ranveer. One shot in insanely expensive sets, the other one shot in insanely expensive locations! Both the movies were promoted HEAVILY, the marketing budget of both the movies I think was more than that of Interstellar!  There was a lot of resistance for both the movies, for Bajirao it was Maratha community who was discarding it because of the altercations done by from real life of Peshwa Bajirao; for Dilwale it was the Shivsena who were opposing SRK. Anyways, it has been more than a week since the movies has released and this is my comparison between the movies.

So let’s start with Script/Story of both the movies. Bajirao as well all know was based on the life of Maratha warrior Peshwa Bajirao and his love life with his second wife Mastani. Even though it was adopted from a novel, the story still had its glitches in terms of consistency. But the dialogues and the screenplay of the movie was brilliant, especially Mastani’s courage and fiery attitude was very aptly captured in the scenes. On the other hand, as predicted, Dilwale had no haath-pair in the name of story what-so-ever and the script was nothing but randomly placed scenes collated with stupid but very hilarious dialogues ( Well, I found them funny because I was 2 large Old monk down while watching ;))

In terms of Acting, wrt to Bajirao, I would specially like to appreciate Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra. You can clearly see the amount of hard work Ranveer has worked in the movie; he really put his heart and soul. He and Priyanka are very convincing as royal Maratha’s and the intensity with which they deliver their scenes is commendable. Priyanka playing a wife torn between his husband’s happiness and her individual self has displayed a spectrum of emotions. I would say the major failure of the movie and very disappointing is Deepika, who just seems like a beautiful doll in the entire movie; she is neither convincing as a warrior or as a lover. Priyanka beats Deepika in every possible manner, from dancing, acting to being convincing in the character. For Dilwale, I would say it is an ocean of overacting by all the side characters including Varun. But whenever SRK and Kajol are there on the screen, you just can’t help feeling romance in your hearts 🙂

The direction and cinematography of Bajirao is good, it has right amount of grandness, beat it costumes or sets. Bhansali has given equal amount of space to the 3 major characters with correct amount of intensity in every scene of the movie, right from political drama in Maratha Empire to the 2 rebel lovers fighting against rest of the world. Rohit Shetty on the other hand is typical, with his love of flying cars and guns and action sequences. He has this ensemble supporting cast including Sanjay Mishra and Boman Irani which are just a waste in the movie.

The music of both the movies is decent, not very great though. Dilwale scores in the music section because the songs of the movie are catchy and peppy and stays in your head. The first time I listened to Manma emotion, that day and till this day, it is stuck in my mind: P But I would like to give 100% marks to Bhansali for the background music of the movie, especially in the credit sequences in the beginning of the movie. The background is intense and rightfully captures the warrior Maratha spirit and brings chills during the war sequences.

So probably after reading this review you would say I am completely biased with Bajirao, but let me tell you, I am a die-hard SRK fan and never misses any of movies. And until now, I hated Ranveer Singh as an actor or as a person and I am not a fan of Deepika or Priyanka either. But I would have to put my hands down here and say in Dilwale vs Bajirao, Bajirao has emerged as the clear cut winner in every possible fragment of movies. Both the movies are though making money and both does have different kind of dedicated audience and thus the final verdict for both movies is the 100 crore movie club 🙂

PS: Fun fact, STAR WARS: The force awakens world wide release was postponed in India by a week because of the movie war between Dilwale and Bajirao! Anyways wait for 25th and yes, FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU 😀



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